A message from the Saturn to the faker of India

It’s been some seven years. and Indians are losing patience. They want you to come down from your throne of vanity and start serving the nation. ASAP. The artificial poverty created by restricting money supply over decades should have been eradicated in few months. It shall not be in years, and not in decades. The […]

Solar power ? Who needs batteries when we have the Dams !

I’ve written about this some 10 years ago. Writing it again as more is better when it comes to dispersing an idea for adoption ! Nation states can reduce the cost of solar power by a pleasing percentage if they stored the solar energy not in batteries, but as the potential energy of water in […]

Is Jealousy the sole reason behind India’s perceived poverty ?

Of course, we all know that availability of money is artificially made scarce in India to keep the general perception running that it’s a poor nation. But how can a few west serving elites in the system pull off such a feat for such a long time ? Jealousy. Indians’ do not have time for […]

Why are most Indian’s so ungrateful to the Ambani family ?

Its a general trend these days to consider Tata’s as epitome of business ethics and refer Ambani’s as shrewd unethical business men. Really ? Such ungratefulness indeed ! When Ford, Boeing, IBM etc were innovating elsewhere, in India, these elite business houses where happily milking and fostering an uninteresting third world economy. Which was the […]

India’s beautification task force ( imaginary of course )

When we travel via our roads, one thing is very visible – most of our roads are ugly ! Really, really ugly. Almost all of them have the left over inventories from the times they were built, dirt, and broken pavements. With so many unemployed youth around, whats stops our Govt to create a reconstruction […]

The newest trick with Bengaluru’s Autorickshaw drivers

Tough times force people to innovate their ways. The dacoits acting as Rickshaw drivers during the day in Bengaluru, (or atleast thats the way one would think of them if one interacts with them), have done the same. These days they tell you upfront that they will take you to your destination by the meter […]