Hashrange.com – from excitement to lack thereof

Was planning to put to use my older laptops, and I’ve got four of them – to good use. This notion of just being on a website which does crypto mining using javascript sounded exciting, as the starting overhead is practically zero !

Yes so created an account in hashrange.com and starting mining on all four laptops. That was quick and easy !

It was great during the first hour, there were steady increases in my tiny fractional balance of BTC in the wallet, shown in some very well designed page.

After the first hour, for some reason my wallet balance was not increasing. I checked laptop after laptop, the mining was going ahead as usual and CPU usage on each of them were just a heavy as before.

Not so exciting.

But hey, there’s more. While chatting with a customer executive of Hashrange about this, I could see my balance revert to a previous value right before me !

That was it. I could notice the difference because I had noted down the exact numbers just to measure the gains per hour, and was closely watching.

Needless to say, I was out of it after this misadventure which lasted for a good couple of hours. Phew.. !

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