India’s beautification task force ( imaginary of course )

When we travel via our roads, one thing is very visible – most of our roads are ugly !

Really, really ugly.

Almost all of them have the left over inventories from the times they were built, dirt, and broken pavements.

With so many unemployed youth around, whats stops our Govt to create a reconstruction or beautification army with the sole purpose of making every inch of our road infrastructure beautiful and finished ? Expand the related industries and provide more jobs there too.

Like would it hurt if every main road had a lining of decorative plants on either sides, adjacent to fine and finished pavements ? Add some nice sculptures too every one kilometre and living here would be would become a pleasing experience !

Really, we have the raw materials and humans in abundance, what stops the sick buggers in the Govt (financial departments mainly) to produce enough money and mobilise our unemployed youth ! Should have done this decades before.

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