The newest trick with Bengaluru’s Autorickshaw drivers

Tough times force people to innovate their ways.

The dacoits acting as Rickshaw drivers during the day in Bengaluru, (or atleast thats the way one would think of them if one interacts with them), have done the same.

These days they tell you upfront that they will take you to your destination by the meter !

Surprised ? So was I.

Got into a rickshaw wooed so by one religious looking guy with this upfront offer to be fair on the fare!

Of course by the time I reached home it was clear that the Meter travels thrice as fast as the rickshaw itself.

Appreciated the guy for this innovation and thinking differently from their traditional fraudulent ways.

Somehow still managed to fix the final amount to a median between the heavenly meter fare and the right fare by acting tough.

Not again.

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