Is Jealousy the sole reason behind India’s perceived poverty ?

Of course, we all know that availability of money is artificially made scarce in India to keep the general perception running that it’s a poor nation. But how can a few west serving elites in the system pull off such a feat for such a long time ?


Indians’ do not have time for thinking on what’s bothering them as a community.

Once a goal and track is set for their rat races (by they-don’t-care-who), all they care about is to win that race before their near and dear ones does so ! Any thoughts on the actual worth of these set goals, who actually set these for them, etc would mean other rats would go ahead and win the race !

Even the most devout Hindu women get very insecure if their nieces and nephews are brighter that her own kids. All she cares then, is for them to get “just a bit duller” than her kids by some “divine intervention”. For some reason, they assume an upper limit to personal growth, and hence differentiation in their view, need to be achieved by pushing down others. Yes, such worthless use of manifestation powers acquired by all that chanting and meditation !

Add to that a large army of boxed men who never grow beyond being their mother’s boys, who consequently don’t let their Y chromosome render the social justice and leadership traits in them. These men, much like the devout women mentioned above, live a life fuming in jealousy against anyone who surpasses them in family and community.

Now when the so called cultured & devout themselves are blinded, what need to be spoken of the analytically dull, mentally challenged bunch who call themselves the liberals of the nation ?

This goes on generation after generation rotting the community from within.

Don’t believe this ? Don’t we know that time and again, the rulers of India have always joined with invading armies just to see the neighbourhood ruler get defeated.

Divide and rule policy was so easy in India as one could imagine !

How else could a handful of desert men, or later the Europeans, rule an ocean of humanity in this subcontinent ?

Karma holds above everything.

Even for communities.

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