Why are most Indian’s so ungrateful to the Ambani family ?

Its a general trend these days to consider Tata’s as epitome of business ethics and refer Ambani’s as shrewd unethical business men.

Really ? Such ungratefulness indeed !

When Ford, Boeing, IBM etc were innovating elsewhere, in India, these elite business houses where happily milking and fostering an uninteresting third world economy.

Which was the last Operating System or search engine made and popularised by the TCS, may I ask ?

Indians saw mobile in commoners hands some 20 years before when the Reliance of Ambani made it possible.

Indian’s could afford internet irrespective of class and geography because few years before the Ambanis made it possible.

Many Indian digital startups flourish due to the digital infrastructure made available by the Ambanis.

Really are the Indian’s lacking a moral compass or basic intelligence ? Or are they just jealous ? Is there a general slave attitude here which cannot digest the sight of ordinary men building huge business empires and competing with the traditional elites ? A mild Stockholm syndrome may be.

The hate from extremists in certain communities is very much visible and understandable too, as they don’t like successful businessmen who are also devout Hindus.

But whats wrong with the new age vogue liberals of India ? Whats their grudge with the Ambanis ?

Really it seems that the country is still third world because of the selfish biases of most of its citizens.

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