Solar power ? Who needs batteries when we have the Dams !

I’ve written about this some 10 years ago. Writing it again as more is better when it comes to dispersing an idea for adoption !

Nation states can reduce the cost of solar power by a pleasing percentage if they stored the solar energy not in batteries, but as the potential energy of water in the dams.

From a high level the idea is simple and practical. During the shine, the solar electricity from the panels just need to be used run DC motors to pump water from the sump back to the high reservoir. The AC electricity for the masses could be produced using the traditional penstock-generator complex.

If the solar panels are spread over the reservoir on top of floating barges, it can prevent evaporation loss of water, and at the same time provide natural cooling to the panels.

Batteries pose this disposal problem too, as they can easily pollute the landfills and ground water with toxic chemicals. Lesser usage of batteries is thus good for the nature too.

Whats more, the costly power electronics required to convert DC to the distribution standard AC is also not required here.

What’s India waiting for before implementing such projects ?

Perhaps a consent from their masters abroad is required by the bhakts of Macaulay, who rule us hiding within the weaves of the deep state.

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