Desi Cows ? Heaven Yes !

Thanks to Ajit Vadakayil, Indian’s have just started to realise that Varghese Kurien and co could have just pulled of a nationwide hit job on the indigenous cow breeds, all in the name of White revolution !

How is it ethical to do ethnic cleaning of any breed of animals, and especially of the ones which have had an enormous positive significance on our culture itself ?

Now knowing is one thing, and remediating the loss is another.

What can we do to bring back the healthier A2 milk in circulation, which is provided by our desi breeds of cows ?

I see two ways.

Desi cows are easy to maintain. They are healthier and needs lesser care. Grow one or two desi cows in our homes if we can afford and has the space for them. We have a craze for bigger and bigger dogs. Consider a cow as the biggest dog in your kennel, one that it is more loving and provides healthy A2 milk as a bonus.

And our Govt, can create a law that every diary should have at least 20% of livestock to be of desi breeds. This could later be increased to some 50%. Higher values may cause the rightfully greedy diary companies to rebel. We need no problems you see 🙂

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