Protecting Kalari, the easy ways

Kalari is undoubtedly one of the best gifts inherited by us from our ancestors. Why then are we allowing it to be lost in the sands of time ?

Its really easy for us as a nation to make sure Kalari is brought back to the mainstream in all it’s splendour. Here’s some of them which I thought I would jot down here.

Let the NDA, IPS, and armed police trainings cover the basics of Kalari. Follow up then with advanced courses, till the first 12 years of the careers of every uniformed personnel, not just the officers.

Sainik Schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas should have a course of Kalari from 1st to 12th standards.

Organisations like NCC, Madrasas, Churche classes, RSS etc can adopt Kalari as their physical exercise when training their members or students.

And of course, after the temples of India are freed from the Govt occupation, all the main temples may also teach the kids in their community this glorious martial art.

But yes for the temples to be free from Govt control, we will need to wait for a genuine leader like Kummanam Rajashekharan to be the PM of India. The rest of the options are open as we speak.

The advantages of a society where the youngsters train in Kalari are obvious -our society gets a whole basket of stuff it lacks – discipline, focus, patience, intuition, health, courage and a respect for one’s own culture.

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