Life is strange isn’t it?

29.04.202 & 30.04.2020

These two dates which I’ve mentioned above India lost two of their beloved actors I’m not gonna say actors but more of a role model and inspiration for thousands of people. While the whole world was fighting from a pandemic India was mourning the loss of two icons .Both of these days all social media platforms,news,etc were filled with their news.But this will only stay for a few days after that what happens?
Everyone just gets back to their normal life but there are some people who would be constantly trying hard to get back to their normal life. you know who are they?

Their FAMILY !

For us they are just actors or stars whom we loved watching but for them it’s just so much more than that!!
They both are someone’s son, brother, father, husband, uncle, etc. These are relationships that never can be replaced. For them they have lost someone very precious more of losing a piece of their heart. The thing is a person who takes birth has to die someday or the other so without worrying about the future we should enjoy each and every moment of our life. Because death is not the greatest loss ,the greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. There is literally no cure for death so just live the moment! I’ve heard this somewhere which is 100% correct i.e.
Life is between “B” to “D” which is ‘birth’ to ‘death’ what comes between is “C” which is our ‘choice’ .Our life matters on our choices. Strange isn’t?
Yeah That’s life  🙂

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First is of course Sushant.. who's the second you mentioned ?
4 weeks ago