A message from the Saturn to the faker of India

It’s been some seven years. and Indians are losing patience.

They want you to come down from your throne of vanity and start serving the nation. ASAP.

The artificial poverty created by restricting money supply over decades should have been eradicated in few months. It shall not be in years, and not in decades.

The people of India, demand that you to start serving them by doing these NOW –

  • Infuse sufficient money into economy to spur development (make some use of the RBI),
  • Strengthen INR to purchasing power parity. Stop the stooges in RBI from flooding international money markets with rupees. Instead disburse them within domestic market on development projects.
  • There shouldn’t be a retail currency market, where greedy Indians buy dollars and wish for their own currency to devalue (which in turn sets cheaper financial value of Indian citizens and resources) . Strong INR is the help Indian businesses need from you to go global. Remember that purchasing power parity for Indian rupee is achieved only when 1USD = 10 INR.
  • Stop the reckless give-aways of foreign exchange on the slightest pretense possible. Per year, you allow leaks of about 10 to 20 Billion USD as charity, and some 200 Billion USD in defense purchases, and many billions for trivial projects which domestic manufacturers could have easily accomplished. Have we eradicated poverty in India to start such charity ? Each one of those 60,000 families in Dharavi could be given an apartment worth 50 Lakh rupees within a budget of just 5 Billion USD. Your are the guilty for such slums still to exist in India in 2020.
  • Stop selling off the nation’s assets in the name of FDI. Don’t forget that we have an RBI too to create money.
  • Make in India for India first (Ditch the servile – make in India for the world)
  • Punish the proxies in the Govt framework who’s hijacking India’s sovereignty
  • Stop aspiring for the Nobel peace prize (none of the enlightened Indians have any value for it anyway)
  • Indians are not the attack dogs of any other nation. Do not go to war with any nation unless there is a serious aggression against India. And don’t frekkin initiate aggression from Indian side to please your masters. That’s just not Dharma, which is India’s character.
  • Stop peddling the “plandemic“. Indians are most resilient to the virus; In contrast, like a loyal slave-rider, you destroyed 23% of the nation’s economy in just 3 months – made it the worst hit economy in the world, by imposing the world’s largest lock-down on it. Correct it using above steps immediately.
  • Stop the act of begging the World bank by the member states of the Union for trivial projects like “water pipelines”, roads etc. Create sufficient money here and distribute across federal structure. Stop peddling the artificial poverty ASAP.
  • Protect the Sadhus and Sanyasis on priority, your lack of concern on them getting lynched is noted by many.

Remember, it is true fact (and not some charity emerging out of your kindness) that you are the “Chief Servant” of the nation. Be grateful for being chosen by a billion souls.

Finally, you will benefit if you read the blogs of Captain Ajit Vadakayil, the most read blogger in the world. His writings will help you get some real world intrigue, which is very essential for someone at the helm of affairs of a country. Better still, consult him personally to update your shamefully ignorant world view.

All the best for the remedial actions and excellent years ahead.



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