Beware of the Scores App from Sebi

If you think the company you invested are frauds and want to make a complaint to Sebi, they will prompt you to download the Scores App and register the complaint there.

Now if you trust Sebi as a confidential information keeper, and make your complaint about the company in it, you will most probably be contacted by and, or “taken care of” by the promoters of the company you complained about.

The first thing Scores application will do is to provide your personal information and your complaint on a platter to the promoters of the company you complained about. Yes, that’s right.

And this happens almost immediately, before any investigation is done by Sebi. This Scores app is nothing but an excellent early warning framework for fraudulent promoters to find out about the whistle blowers and complainants. Such extra ordinary zeal to put the lives of complainants at risk can come only from the fucked up mind of Indian elites, who from the time they are born are systematically fed contempt of mainstream culture and general population.

I’ve had a bad experience from this stupid app from this dysfunctional department which is supposed to protect public wealth from getting destroyed by the miscreant promoters in the market.

Read this twice – the only option to prevent loss of money in Indian stock markets is doing your due diligence before investing. The curative mechanism is non effective, if not dangerous.

Or may be Sebi was formed as such to be a proxy for the British to trim the public wealth of Indians to be within accepted levels the for “servants”.

But these don’t matter to most of the Indians. Most of them are idiots who are busy worrying extremely whether their kids would score a mark or two lesser than their nephews in their equally messed up education system. And the rest of them are making bhajans for the low grade fake ruling them.

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