How does the deep state of India keep India poor ?

Three all time favourites of RBI (the hub of neo colonial stooges) are –

  • Create perception that India is incapable of creating money via Govt stimuli. New money is introduced very scarcely or never to the DOMESTIC MARKET.
  • Make the currency cheaper by flooding INTERNATIONAL MONEY MARKET with Indian Rupees. Take the help of media and retail forex investors when needed. Currently Indian rupee is selling 5 to 10 times cheaper than its purchasing power and is probably the cheapest in the world.
  • The proof of this financial treason – the rising foreign reserve during a weak rupee – and this FR is spaded out to other economies in the pretext of financial aids (although India still has “poverty” issues in a considerable section of society).

Other methods employed by the deep state –

  • Deny Russian and Chinese products which offer value for money to Indian rupees. Instead force manufacturers in these nations to collaborate with parasitic brokers in the west and rebrand their products to be able to sell in India. This method as you can see has the benefit of impoverishing Indians.
  • Stifle their financial growth by reducing the interest rates of provident funds and fixed deposits. Push them to expose their hard earned money to the stock markets.
  • Encourage systematic destruction of public wealth in the stock markets by the “planned” recession-growth cycles with the help of the media.
  • If people invest their money in their own small businesses, bring in interference like complex tax rules to stifle them. A system no body can independently process well, like the GST is a shining example.
  • If people are afraid of the tax agencies hunting them citing technicalities, and start saving money as liquid cash – demonetise occasionally and make their earnings futile. The money thus squeezed out should be immediately pumped out of the economy in the pretext of defense purchases and donations.
  • If none of the above works and economy still grows, peddle a Plandemic like dictatorship and bring about a hard stop to the economic activities.

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