Import duty on luxury cars – a step to maintain the fake poverty image imposed on India

So by now everyone knows that the richest country in the world, India is made to look like a poor nation using the three pillars –

  • A treacherous main stream media
  • Sold out deep state
  • Dull low grade politicians

One of the interesting ways this perception of poverty is maintained is the 110% import duty and the corresponding increase in the inland taxes on thus bloated price, that the deep state demands on the luxury cars.

When there are no domestically made sedans with a power more that 200 bhps, its obvious that fair competetion from foreign players will only make the market more innovative and most importantly, beneficial for the end consumers – the people of India.

Still ever imagined why this unethical amount of taxes on luxusy cars ?

Because even under the extreme disadvantage of the currency exchange ratio (again, programmed by the deep state), Indians have so much purchasing power that if this highly discouraging tax is taken off,it can within a year become the top market for all the leading luxury car makers of the world.

The perception created when one sees a luxury car in every other household, wont match with the “poor India” image right ?

No, not good to maintain the status quo where Indians are supposed to be the migrant workers of the world.

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