Conversation AI started when humans were required to interact with Computers. In today’s technology world, we have forayed into more comfortable ways of Human-Computer interaction than direct coding.

This article looks at the different conversational mediums. Humans can interact with Virtual Agents or  Conversational AI.

Chatbots – Humans thought it would be easy to type an intent (request) to the computer using a comfortable language and receive a response in an understandable sentence. This became the first medium of interaction with a computer. Chatbots use Text, Email & SMS as channels.

Voicebots – Next came the voice recognition technique, where the computer uses NLP modules to interpret language. An NLP module uses NLU (Natural Language Understanding) to understand intents, process them, and uses NLG (Natural Language Generation) to respond to the user in a much-matured way (compared to standard text). Voicebots use IVR and other speech capture tools as channels.

Gesture-based Conversational AI While Voicebots has gained its ground, Gesture-based communication with computers is the next advent. Touch-based (in touch screen phones) and Camera-based (in laptops) gesture understanding is picking pace. Computers, using their camera, can understand physical gesture commands the user makes and acts accordingly.

Neural networks based Conversation AI – The next leap in conversing with machines will be Neurological communication from the human brain to a computer. Neural link (sensors on the brain) and EEG (electroencephalography – wearable overhead devices) are enablers for Neurological communication. Research is under-way for this medium with promising results.

Humans and Computers have evolved and are pushing boundaries every day. Soon, we all can think of intent, and our computers can execute them for us. Possibly, we not, they can feed information directly into our brains, avoiding Optical illusions and Sound spectrum limitations.

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