For all the developers who plan to develop a regional language chatbot using AI, then the Dhee 2.0 platform will be the finest choice.
Why you have to choose Dhee 2.0 platform
Dhee 2.0 is an effective platform with a robust NLP (Natural Language Processing) module, making it unique in the market.
NLP can understand, process, and interpret natural human languages such as Hindi and Malayalam using text or speech as an input. Dhee 2.0 platform supports as many as six languages, which makes it the first choice for everyone.
Intents and Automations (Natural Language Processing) module has three major sub-modules, which simplifies creating a chatbot.
1) Intents: Intents have two main components slots/entities and triggers.
Intents are the user’s intention; for example, if the user says, “I want to book a ticket,” here is the intent and can be added under Triggers.
Slots / Entities: Here, we will mention the date of the journey, starting point, destination, etc.
2) Skills / DSM (Dialog State Machine): Depending on the slots of the intent, we can specify the transition flow or workflow of the intent under the transitions tab after mapping the intent.
3) Backend API: To validate the input, the backend API can be called by specifying the URL, URL name. The user can provide basic authentication by mentioning the username and password.

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