5 things you should know today if you are an Indian

  1. UNESCO Word heritage sites – the recognition process spins history to suit the White racist narrative of civilising the rest of the world. The guides approved by the “establishment” are forced to parrot the UN approved stories.
  2. Outwardly multicultural societies alike Auroville can easily double up as intelligence and espionage base of NATO and should be kept under routine scrutiny for internal security reasons.
  3. Indian rupee is pegged 7 to 10 times cheaper against dollar compared to it’s real purchasing power within India, and this is not decided by trade. It’s decided by demand and supply in the money markets, and it is India’s RBI which floods the money markets with Indian Rupee to cheapen it.
  4. Money can be created. India’s shortage of money is artificial, and is perpetuated by stooges within it’s RBI. This (and #3) is done to constrain Indians as a pool for manual labour (bots) for the West.
  5. A lot of Hollywood & Indian movies and OTT based programming has gone into you to make you fear the Pandemic and rush to take the Vaccines. They don’t need “most of you” anymore due to the rise of automation.

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