Subliminal messaging and fabrication of stereotyping social artefacts

Hi there, we are going to understand two important social programming tools – subliminal programming, and the fabrication of social artefacts which stereotype certain communities are evil, certain communities are good etc.

We will be discussing both concepts from the perspective of what’s happening in Indian media industry – both news and entertainment.

What’s Subliminal messaging

Subliminal messaging is arranging visuals and background audio in such a way that the subconscious mind of the audience is seeded with an idea which the social programmer wants to spread in the society.

For example, the movie industry in India is infested with directors who use subliminal programming to bring down the sanctity of every sacred Hindu symbols. They do it using many ways, some of them being –

  • Dress up a girl like a Hindu devi, and make her do sexually provocative dances and moves.
  • Show extreme sexual depravity while playing Hindu religious music as the BGM.
  • Use sacred Hindu symbols in degrading way, like making a rapist or terrorist wear a Rakhi or Tilak.
  • Showing characters praying to Hindu Gods and subsequently failing with misfortunes, till they appreciate or symbolically adopt an Abrahamic religion.
  • Show a man or woman wearing completely traditional Hindu attire, and have them killed on screen with no emotion or regret at all from the protagonist (who usually does this), as if the victim is not human at all.

The intention of subliminal programming is to scramble, obfuscate and destroy the native culture and religion of a society. In India the target of subliminal programming is almost every time – Hinduism.

Fabrication of stereotyping social artefacts

Now fabrication of stereotyping-social-artefacts is the opposite of subliminal messaging process-wise, but serve similar purposes nonetheless.

Stereotyping-social-artefacts are created to paint a community as evil, dull etc – and dehumanise them (in social narrative) to justify their genocide or exodus at a later point of time.

While subliminal messaging talks to the subconscious mind, stereotyping-social-artefacts talk to the conscious mind, although they still can stimulate different target sections within the society with varying degrees.

Example is again the movies, television series, stand up comedy sessions etc which relentlessly tries to project Hindus as evil and dull. The messaging intensity is again targeted – While a Hindu who is secular in his/her mind might not register a stereotyping instance as an offence, communally active sections within India would readily digest the media as truth, and update their world view with a belief that Hindus are a threat to their existence, and generally evil, less than human etc.

So What now ?

Now that you understand two widely used social programming measures, don’t be a cunt who gets programmed by the media anymore. Understand these programming measures in every frame of the media you watch, and let others also know so that they can watch out too.

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