Why should India be wary of WHO’s foray into Ayurveda

We all know that WHO has been pivotal in peddling the PLANDEMIC fear and herding people to take the vaccinations.

During the COVID waves, India had the least number of fatalities per million of population, compared to other major nations of the world majorly due to the natural remedies every household has knowledge about- Thanks to the pervasive awareness about basic remedies in Ayurveda – Indian traditional medicine.

International media calls Ayurveda as Indian “Folk” medicine. Yes Ayurveda – which has several textbooks with known authors, and used/vetted by Indians across generations.


The whole reason why WHO might be studying Ayurvedic remedies might be to create viruses which can resist the Ayurvedic herbs, or to genetically modify these herbs to render them ineffective to these viral infections.

Yes India has to be wary about the different “welfare” programs the West implements in India – almost all of the programs only serve their own interests covertly.

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