Subliminal messaging and fabrication of stereotyping social artefacts

Hi there, we are going to understand two important social programming tools – subliminal programming, and the fabrication of social artefacts which stereotype certain communities are evil, certain communities are good etc. We will be discussing both concepts from the perspective of what’s happening in Indian media industry – both news and entertainment. What’s Subliminal […]

Why should India be wary of WHO’s foray into Ayurveda

We all know that WHO has been pivotal in peddling the PLANDEMIC fear and herding people to take the vaccinations. During the COVID waves, India had the least number of fatalities per million of population, compared to other major nations of the world majorly due to the natural remedies every household has knowledge about- Thanks […]

5 things you should know today if you are an Indian

UNESCO Word heritage sites – the recognition process spins history to suit the White racist narrative of civilising the rest of the world. The guides approved by the “establishment” are forced to parrot the UN approved stories. Outwardly multicultural societies alike Auroville can easily double up as intelligence and espionage base of NATO and should […]

Import duty on luxury cars – a step to maintain the fake poverty image imposed on India

So by now everyone knows that the richest country in the world, India is made to look like a poor nation using the three pillars – A treacherous main stream media Sold out deep state Dull low grade politicians One of the interesting ways this perception of poverty is maintained is the 110% import duty […]

How does the deep state of India keep India poor ?

Three all time favourites of RBI (the hub of neo colonial stooges) are – Create perception that India is incapable of creating money via Govt stimuli. New money is introduced very scarcely or never to the DOMESTIC MARKET. Make the currency cheaper by flooding INTERNATIONAL MONEY MARKET with Indian Rupees. Take the help of media […]

Technology and technologists can fix India’s Judiciary

Hey, we all are scared of getting into legal tussle with anyone. We know that it usually takes 5 to 10 years for our Judiciary to give a judgement, which even at that point doesn’t guarantee truthful justice to the weak and poor. We are programmed to adjust to this reality by the display of […]

A message from the Saturn to the faker of India

It’s been some seven years. and Indians are losing patience. They want you to come down from your throne of vanity and start serving the nation. ASAP. The artificial poverty created by restricting money supply over decades should have been eradicated in few months. It shall not be in years, and not in decades. The […]