Protecting Kalari, the easy ways

Kalari is undoubtedly one of the best gifts inherited by us from our ancestors. Why then are we allowing it to be lost in the sands of time ?

Its really easy for us as a nation to make sure Kalari is brought back to the mainstream in all it’s splendour. Here’s some of them which I thought I would jot down here.

Let the NDA, IPS, and armed police trainings cover the basics of Kalari. Follow up then with advanced courses, till the first 12 years of the careers of every uniformed personnel, not just the officers.

Sainik Schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas should have a course of Kalari from 1st to 12th standards.

Organisations like NCC, Madrasas, Churche classes, RSS etc can adopt Kalari as their physical exercise when training their members or students.

And of course, after the temples of India are freed from the Govt occupation, all the main temples may also teach the kids in their community this glorious martial art.

But yes for the temples to be free from Govt control, we will need to wait for a genuine leader like Kummanam Rajashekharan to be the PM of India. The rest of the options are open as we speak.

The advantages of a society where the youngsters train in Kalari are obvious -our society gets a whole basket of stuff it lacks – discipline, focus, patience, intuition, health, courage and a respect for one’s own culture.

Solar power ? Who needs batteries when we have the Dams !

I’ve written about this some 10 years ago. Writing it again as more is better when it comes to dispersing an idea for adoption !

Nation states can reduce the cost of solar power by a pleasing percentage if they stored the solar energy not in batteries, but as the potential energy of water in the dams.

From a high level the idea is simple and practical. During the shine, the solar electricity from the panels just need to be used run DC motors to pump water from the sump back to the high reservoir. The AC electricity for the masses could be produced using the traditional penstock-generator complex.

If the solar panels are spread over the reservoir on top of floating barges, it can prevent evaporation loss of water, and at the same time provide natural cooling to the panels.

Batteries pose this disposal problem too, as they can easily pollute the landfills and ground water with toxic chemicals. Lesser usage of batteries is thus good for the nature too.

Whats more, the costly power electronics required to convert DC to the distribution standard AC is also not required here.

What’s India waiting for before implementing such projects ?

Perhaps a consent from their masters abroad is required by the bhakts of Macaulay, who rule us hiding within the weaves of the deep state.

Is Jealousy the sole reason behind India’s perceived poverty ?

Of course, we all know that availability of money is artificially made scarce in India to keep the general perception running that it’s a poor nation. But how can a few west serving elites in the system pull off such a feat for such a long time ?


Indians’ do not have time for thinking on what’s bothering them as a community.

Once a goal and track is set for their rat races (by they-don’t-care-who), all they care about is to win that race before their near and dear ones does so ! Any thoughts on the actual worth of these set goals, who actually set these for them, etc would mean other rats would go ahead and win the race !

Even the most devout Hindu women get very insecure if their nieces and nephews are brighter that her own kids. All she cares then, is for them to get “just a bit duller” than her kids by some “divine intervention”. For some reason, they assume an upper limit to personal growth, and hence differentiation in their view, need to be achieved by pushing down others. Yes, such worthless use of manifestation powers acquired by all that chanting and meditation !

Add to that a large army of boxed men who never grow beyond being their mother’s boys, who consequently don’t let their Y chromosome render the social justice and leadership traits in them. These men, much like the devout women mentioned above, live a life fuming in jealousy against anyone who surpasses them in family and community.

Now when the so called cultured & devout themselves are blinded, what need to be spoken of the analytically dull, mentally challenged bunch who call themselves the liberals of the nation ?

This goes on generation after generation rotting the community from within.

Don’t believe this ? Don’t we know that time and again, the rulers of India have always joined with invading armies just to see the neighbourhood ruler get defeated.

Divide and rule policy was so easy in India as one could imagine !

How else could a handful of desert men, or later the Europeans, rule an ocean of humanity in this subcontinent ?

Karma holds above everything.

Even for communities.

Why are most Indian’s so ungrateful to the Ambani family ?

Its a general trend these days to consider Tata’s as epitome of business ethics and refer Ambani’s as shrewd unethical business men.

Really ? Such ungratefulness indeed !

When Ford, Boeing, IBM etc were innovating elsewhere, in India, these elite business houses where happily milking and fostering an uninteresting third world economy.

Which was the last Operating System or search engine made and popularised by the TCS, may I ask ?

Indians saw mobile in commoners hands some 20 years before when the Reliance of Ambani made it possible.

Indian’s could afford internet irrespective of class and geography because few years before the Ambanis made it possible.

Many Indian digital startups flourish due to the digital infrastructure made available by the Ambanis.

Really are the Indian’s lacking a moral compass or basic intelligence ? Or are they just jealous ? Is there a general slave attitude here which cannot digest the sight of ordinary men building huge business empires and competing with the traditional elites ? A mild Stockholm syndrome may be.

The hate from extremists in certain communities is very much visible and understandable too, as they don’t like successful businessmen who are also devout Hindus.

But whats wrong with the new age vogue liberals of India ? Whats their grudge with the Ambanis ?

Really it seems that the country is still third world because of the selfish biases of most of its citizens.

Wheres my mind wandering..?

Where are am I wandering. Why can’t the mind stay still ?

So much does my mind wander that I just noticed I couldn’t even remember the way I’m taking via my taxi ride, every single time.

Can’t let this go on for ever unnoticed. Will be capturing my thoughts now.

Random musings ? So be it. Every little thing, need to be documented.

May be that’s going to help. Or may by that will produce some amusing reads.

Lets see.

India’s beautification task force ( imaginary of course )

When we travel via our roads, one thing is very visible – most of our roads are ugly !

Really, really ugly.

Almost all of them have the left over inventories from the times they were built, dirt, and broken pavements.

With so many unemployed youth around, whats stops our Govt to create a reconstruction or beautification army with the sole purpose of making every inch of our road infrastructure beautiful and finished ? Expand the related industries and provide more jobs there too.

Like would it hurt if every main road had a lining of decorative plants on either sides, adjacent to fine and finished pavements ? Add some nice sculptures too every one kilometre and living here would be would become a pleasing experience !

Really, we have the raw materials and humans in abundance, what stops the sick buggers in the Govt (financial departments mainly) to produce enough money and mobilise our unemployed youth ! Should have done this decades before.

The newest trick with Bengaluru’s Autorickshaw drivers

Tough times force people to innovate their ways.

The dacoits acting as Rickshaw drivers during the day in Bengaluru, (or atleast thats the way one would think of them if one interacts with them), have done the same.

These days they tell you upfront that they will take you to your destination by the meter !

Surprised ? So was I.

Got into a rickshaw wooed so by one religious looking guy with this upfront offer to be fair on the fare!

Of course by the time I reached home it was clear that the Meter travels thrice as fast as the rickshaw itself.

Appreciated the guy for this innovation and thinking differently from their traditional fraudulent ways.

Somehow still managed to fix the final amount to a median between the heavenly meter fare and the right fare by acting tough.

Not again. – from excitement to lack thereof

Was planning to put to use my older laptops, and I’ve got four of them – to good use. This notion of just being on a website which does crypto mining using javascript sounded exciting, as the starting overhead is practically zero !

Yes so created an account in and starting mining on all four laptops. That was quick and easy !

It was great during the first hour, there were steady increases in my tiny fractional balance of BTC in the wallet, shown in some very well designed page.

After the first hour, for some reason my wallet balance was not increasing. I checked laptop after laptop, the mining was going ahead as usual and CPU usage on each of them were just a heavy as before.

Not so exciting.

But hey, there’s more. While chatting with a customer executive of Hashrange about this, I could see my balance revert to a previous value right before me !

That was it. I could notice the difference because I had noted down the exact numbers just to measure the gains per hour, and was closely watching.

Needless to say, I was out of it after this misadventure which lasted for a good couple of hours. Phew.. !