Subliminal messaging and fabrication of stereotyping social artefacts

Hi there, we are going to understand two important social programming tools – subliminal programming, and the fabrication of social artefacts which stereotype certain communities are evil, certain communities are good etc.

We will be discussing both concepts from the perspective of what’s happening in Indian media industry – both news and entertainment.

What’s Subliminal messaging

Subliminal messaging is arranging visuals and background audio in such a way that the subconscious mind of the audience is seeded with an idea which the social programmer wants to spread in the society.

For example, the movie industry in India is infested with directors who use subliminal programming to bring down the sanctity of every sacred Hindu symbols. They do it using many ways, some of them being –

  • Dress up a girl like a Hindu devi, and make her do sexually provocative dances and moves.
  • Show extreme sexual depravity while playing Hindu religious music as the BGM.
  • Use sacred Hindu symbols in degrading way, like making a rapist or terrorist wear a Rakhi or Tilak.
  • Showing characters praying to Hindu Gods and subsequently failing with misfortunes, till they appreciate or symbolically adopt an Abrahamic religion.
  • Show a man or woman wearing completely traditional Hindu attire, and have them killed on screen with no emotion or regret at all from the protagonist (who usually does this), as if the victim is not human at all.

The intention of subliminal programming is to scramble, obfuscate and destroy the native culture and religion of a society. In India the target of subliminal programming is almost every time – Hinduism.

Fabrication of stereotyping social artefacts

Now fabrication of stereotyping-social-artefacts is the opposite of subliminal messaging process-wise, but serve similar purposes nonetheless.

Stereotyping-social-artefacts are created to paint a community as evil, dull etc – and dehumanise them (in social narrative) to justify their genocide or exodus at a later point of time.

While subliminal messaging talks to the subconscious mind, stereotyping-social-artefacts talk to the conscious mind, although they still can stimulate different target sections within the society with varying degrees.

Example is again the movies, television series, stand up comedy sessions etc which relentlessly tries to project Hindus as evil and dull. The messaging intensity is again targeted – While a Hindu who is secular in his/her mind might not register a stereotyping instance as an offence, communally active sections within India would readily digest the media as truth, and update their world view with a belief that Hindus are a threat to their existence, and generally evil, less than human etc.

So What now ?

Now that you understand two widely used social programming measures, don’t be a cunt who gets programmed by the media anymore. Understand these programming measures in every frame of the media you watch, and let others also know so that they can watch out too.

Why should India be wary of WHO’s foray into Ayurveda

We all know that WHO has been pivotal in peddling the PLANDEMIC fear and herding people to take the vaccinations.

During the COVID waves, India had the least number of fatalities per million of population, compared to other major nations of the world majorly due to the natural remedies every household has knowledge about- Thanks to the pervasive awareness about basic remedies in Ayurveda – Indian traditional medicine.

International media calls Ayurveda as Indian “Folk” medicine. Yes Ayurveda – which has several textbooks with known authors, and used/vetted by Indians across generations.


The whole reason why WHO might be studying Ayurvedic remedies might be to create viruses which can resist the Ayurvedic herbs, or to genetically modify these herbs to render them ineffective to these viral infections.

Yes India has to be wary about the different “welfare” programs the West implements in India – almost all of the programs only serve their own interests covertly.

5 things you should know today if you are an Indian

  1. UNESCO Word heritage sites – the recognition process spins history to suit the White racist narrative of civilising the rest of the world. The guides approved by the “establishment” are forced to parrot the UN approved stories.
  2. Outwardly multicultural societies alike Auroville can easily double up as intelligence and espionage base of NATO and should be kept under routine scrutiny for internal security reasons.
  3. Indian rupee is pegged 7 to 10 times cheaper against dollar compared to it’s real purchasing power within India, and this is not decided by trade. It’s decided by demand and supply in the money markets, and it is India’s RBI which floods the money markets with Indian Rupee to cheapen it.
  4. Money can be created. India’s shortage of money is artificial, and is perpetuated by stooges within it’s RBI. This (and #3) is done to constrain Indians as a pool for manual labour (bots) for the West.
  5. A lot of Hollywood & Indian movies and OTT based programming has gone into you to make you fear the Pandemic and rush to take the Vaccines. They don’t need “most of you” anymore due to the rise of automation.

Import duty on luxury cars – a step to maintain the fake poverty image imposed on India

So by now everyone knows that the richest country in the world, India is made to look like a poor nation using the three pillars –

  • A treacherous main stream media
  • Sold out deep state
  • Dull low grade politicians

One of the interesting ways this perception of poverty is maintained is the 110% import duty and the corresponding increase in the inland taxes on thus bloated price, that the deep state demands on the luxury cars.

When there are no domestically made sedans with a power more that 200 bhps, its obvious that fair competetion from foreign players will only make the market more innovative and most importantly, beneficial for the end consumers – the people of India.

Still ever imagined why this unethical amount of taxes on luxusy cars ?

Because even under the extreme disadvantage of the currency exchange ratio (again, programmed by the deep state), Indians have so much purchasing power that if this highly discouraging tax is taken off,it can within a year become the top market for all the leading luxury car makers of the world.

The perception created when one sees a luxury car in every other household, wont match with the “poor India” image right ?

No, not good to maintain the status quo where Indians are supposed to be the migrant workers of the world.

How does the deep state of India keep India poor ?

Three all time favourites of RBI (the hub of neo colonial stooges) are –

  • Create perception that India is incapable of creating money via Govt stimuli. New money is introduced very scarcely or never to the DOMESTIC MARKET.
  • Make the currency cheaper by flooding INTERNATIONAL MONEY MARKET with Indian Rupees. Take the help of media and retail forex investors when needed. Currently Indian rupee is selling 5 to 10 times cheaper than its purchasing power and is probably the cheapest in the world.
  • The proof of this financial treason – the rising foreign reserve during a weak rupee – and this FR is spaded out to other economies in the pretext of financial aids (although India still has “poverty” issues in a considerable section of society).

Other methods employed by the deep state –

  • Deny Russian and Chinese products which offer value for money to Indian rupees. Instead force manufacturers in these nations to collaborate with parasitic brokers in the west and rebrand their products to be able to sell in India. This method as you can see has the benefit of impoverishing Indians.
  • Stifle their financial growth by reducing the interest rates of provident funds and fixed deposits. Push them to expose their hard earned money to the stock markets.
  • Encourage systematic destruction of public wealth in the stock markets by the “planned” recession-growth cycles with the help of the media.
  • If people invest their money in their own small businesses, bring in interference like complex tax rules to stifle them. A system no body can independently process well, like the GST is a shining example.
  • If people are afraid of the tax agencies hunting them citing technicalities, and start saving money as liquid cash – demonetise occasionally and make their earnings futile. The money thus squeezed out should be immediately pumped out of the economy in the pretext of defense purchases and donations.
  • If none of the above works and economy still grows, peddle a Plandemic like dictatorship and bring about a hard stop to the economic activities.

Beware of the Scores App from Sebi

If you think the company you invested are frauds and want to make a complaint to Sebi, they will prompt you to download the Scores App and register the complaint there.

Now if you trust Sebi as a confidential information keeper, and make your complaint about the company in it, you will most probably be contacted by and, or “taken care of” by the promoters of the company you complained about.

The first thing Scores application will do is to provide your personal information and your complaint on a platter to the promoters of the company you complained about. Yes, that’s right.

And this happens almost immediately, before any investigation is done by Sebi. This Scores app is nothing but an excellent early warning framework for fraudulent promoters to find out about the whistle blowers and complainants. Such extra ordinary zeal to put the lives of complainants at risk can come only from the fucked up mind of Indian elites, who from the time they are born are systematically fed contempt of mainstream culture and general population.

I’ve had a bad experience from this stupid app from this dysfunctional department which is supposed to protect public wealth from getting destroyed by the miscreant promoters in the market.

Read this twice – the only option to prevent loss of money in Indian stock markets is doing your due diligence before investing. The curative mechanism is non effective, if not dangerous.

Or may be Sebi was formed as such to be a proxy for the British to trim the public wealth of Indians to be within accepted levels the for “servants”.

But these don’t matter to most of the Indians. Most of them are idiots who are busy worrying extremely whether their kids would score a mark or two lesser than their nephews in their equally messed up education system. And the rest of them are making bhajans for the low grade fake ruling them.

Random Reps – The alternate Politics for a better rule

Indian politics – while it may sound too dirty to discus, we very well have to – as its the most important aspect of our nation – its on our rules and the rulers.

We all know its in pretty fucked up shape and we have to collectively fix it. And the kind of state the system is in, it seems the only way is to throw the whole setup into the shithole and put forth a new system in its place.

Most of our politicians represent what leaders of nations should never be. They lack education, they are not refined, and more importantly, thy lack the ethics. Considering the state of our country after 70 plus years of Independence, it can be even be inferred that the politicians that our current political framework produce are not intelligent enough to lead a mighty and large nation like India. I mean most of them, not all of them; Exceptions are rare though.

Their quality reflects in the fact that at a point of time, the corruption reported by the country’s Comptroller & Auditor General had crossed one Trillion US dollars ! In a nation where just over 100 billion USD can replace all the slums with posh apartment complexes, imagine the worthlessness of our politicians when they waste away trillions of USDs as their private black money !

Indeed our politicians are the reason we are still perceived as third world. But they are not be be blamed. Such absolute worthless scums are churned out as our politicians by the current political framework we had to adopt since we got freedom. And this setup which is anyway so 1800s is not suitable for the current times – considering the much better options available now, thanks to the growth of digital technology.

We need erect an efficient, modern and infallible system in place which doesn’t foster the incompetent and doesn’t contract corruption so easily.

One such alternative could be a system of random representatives.

This system takes help from technology, and would work as follows-

  1. Citizens educated to a certain level, who are interested to represent their people in the legislative body have to pass an aptitude exam to qualify.
  2. The qualified candidates take up a diploma course in Public Policy making & the governance structure of India. This course has to be standardized, localized and made available in online mode by the Election Commission.
  3. Those who successfully complete the course, can register themselves as potential candidates, willing to dedicate 3 years, as people’s representative, in the Election commissions web-portal using their Adhaar card based login. This can happen from a month to a week prior to the elections.
  4. A central computer then selects – in a reliable and secure random fashion- the required number of representatives to Parliament/Assemblies from among these volunteers.
  5. The selected representatives choose the leader of the executive and cabinet from among themselves by volunteering/voting.
  6. The knowledge about new/ongoing policies/laws are quickly disseminated to the new representatives using well maintained documentation portals.
  7. New representatives are chosen every three years, after which older ones return back to their previous professions. A previous PM may be retained if the new representatives decide so.

This new system doesn’t have the concept of political parties (which depend heavily on private funding for their survival); and thus has much lesser tendency to contract corruption. There is also no concept of a ruling party and opposition. All are individual independent representatives working for their people constructively.

Also the cost of elections in such a political setup is negligible.

Think its not practical ? Just last year, had you thought it was practical to keep a whole nation locked down in their homes by citing a virus infection ?

So let this be here, as a musing and as a seed for further elaboration & growth.

Jai Hind.

Technology and technologists can fix India’s Judiciary

Hey, we all are scared of getting into legal tussle with anyone. We know that it usually takes 5 to 10 years for our Judiciary to give a judgement, which even at that point doesn’t guarantee truthful justice to the weak and poor. We are programmed to adjust to this reality by the display of that blindfold on the lady justice. (And who is this lady justice anyway?)

So why is this so ?

We will muse on this today.

Judiciary is one fourth of our democracy. A very important pillar. Ever wondered whats the competency of the people we are entrusting it with ?

In India, when we think of our youth, the best analytical minds take up the science subjects. The primary preference is for Engineering. Most ambitious youngsters become Engineers and Doctors. When I say most, that’s some 90 to 95% of the analytically bright mind pool of India.

Now the averages and a shade below average students as a ritual, take commerce related subjects – and they grow up to become very successful market analysts, C.As etc.

The rest of the students who find it hard to infer new facts from existing information or to observe and analyse the subtle, or to do the math for accounting solutions, quickly realise that they still can memorise printed words and sentences. They take up subjects and careers where mugging up printed words as infallible truths of the universe earns them a living.

This bunch is where most personnel who run the third and fourth pillars of our democracy comes from, namely the mainstream media and the Judiciary. Its another story that the primary pillar, the Legislative is mostly formed of a bunch even further down – the guys who can’t invent, can’t infer, can’t do math, and then can’t memories too. But that is another story for another musing.

Thanks to social media, nobody trusts the mainstream media anyway these days. Thus the quality of people manning it is not of much concern in the current society. But Judiciary ? Its very much an important part of our lives whether we like it or not. It exerts so much control on our society – and not just on judicial matters – it exerts great influence even on the executive and the legislative, with their back to back overreaches.

The second reason seems to be that the Judiciary still carries a lots of baggage from the colonial era and is thus culturally not congruent with the culture of India. It trains its insiders to be “brown sahibs” within a few years of being inducted into it. The first reason too contributes to it because the bunch as such is readily programmable to begin with.

Lastly, at least for few to several of them, the memberships to secret societies and clubs are a reason for their isolation from rest of the population. These clubs validates their newly acquired superiority from others, and provides them a brand new ego which is detached from their original, which was built on their not so impressive past.

Now at the end, all of it affects the well being and sovereignty of our nation and we need to fix this. Its the land we inherited from our ancestors, right ?

One solution is technology.

With the advent of AI, memorising is a skill the machines can beat us over and over on. A 5 year course needing to memorise the constitution along with its amendments should cease to exist in the next decade. Instead we should replace it with a one year course on the general principles of law and how to use technology to find the laws which concern a particular case.

Now comes in the technologists or lets just say, the technical minds.

We have plenty of analytical minds in the country, and plenty of exams which helps us find them too. For example, Civil Services examinations held nationwide by the UPSC could be used as the recruitment channel for the judges too. The one year orientation course mentioned above could be offered to the freshers who qualify for taking up this promising “IJS” (Indian Judiciary Service) cadre.

The education and employment channels for the advocates can remain the same, as their task is to present the cases in a readily digestible way for the judiciary. The quality of judges is any day infinitely important for the nation compared to that of the advocates. Going ahead even the need for advocates can be eliminated with the help of technology and smarter judges, but that’s for another musing, another decade or another century may be 😉

A message from the Saturn to the faker of India

It’s been some seven years. and Indians are losing patience.

They want you to come down from your throne of vanity and start serving the nation. ASAP.

The artificial poverty created by restricting money supply over decades should have been eradicated in few months. It shall not be in years, and not in decades.

The people of India, demand that you to start serving them by doing these NOW –

  • Infuse sufficient money into economy to spur development (make some use of the RBI),
  • Strengthen INR to purchasing power parity. Stop the stooges in RBI from flooding international money markets with rupees. Instead disburse them within domestic market on development projects.
  • There shouldn’t be a retail currency market, where greedy Indians buy dollars and wish for their own currency to devalue (which in turn sets cheaper financial value of Indian citizens and resources) . Strong INR is the help Indian businesses need from you to go global. Remember that purchasing power parity for Indian rupee is achieved only when 1USD = 10 INR.
  • Stop the reckless give-aways of foreign exchange on the slightest pretense possible. Per year, you allow leaks of about 10 to 20 Billion USD as charity, and some 200 Billion USD in defense purchases, and many billions for trivial projects which domestic manufacturers could have easily accomplished. Have we eradicated poverty in India to start such charity ? Each one of those 60,000 families in Dharavi could be given an apartment worth 50 Lakh rupees within a budget of just 5 Billion USD. Your are the guilty for such slums still to exist in India in 2020.
  • Stop selling off the nation’s assets in the name of FDI. Don’t forget that we have an RBI too to create money.
  • Make in India for India first (Ditch the servile – make in India for the world)
  • Punish the proxies in the Govt framework who’s hijacking India’s sovereignty
  • Stop aspiring for the Nobel peace prize (none of the enlightened Indians have any value for it anyway)
  • Indians are not the attack dogs of any other nation. Do not go to war with any nation unless there is a serious aggression against India. And don’t frekkin initiate aggression from Indian side to please your masters. That’s just not Dharma, which is India’s character.
  • Stop peddling the “plandemic“. Indians are most resilient to the virus; In contrast, like a loyal slave-rider, you destroyed 23% of the nation’s economy in just 3 months – made it the worst hit economy in the world, by imposing the world’s largest lock-down on it. Correct it using above steps immediately.
  • Stop the act of begging the World bank by the member states of the Union for trivial projects like “water pipelines”, roads etc. Create sufficient money here and distribute across federal structure. Stop peddling the artificial poverty ASAP.
  • Protect the Sadhus and Sanyasis on priority, your lack of concern on them getting lynched is noted by many.

Remember, it is true fact (and not some charity emerging out of your kindness) that you are the “Chief Servant” of the nation. Be grateful for being chosen by a billion souls.

Finally, you will benefit if you read the blogs of Captain Ajit Vadakayil, the most read blogger in the world. His writings will help you get some real world intrigue, which is very essential for someone at the helm of affairs of a country. Better still, consult him personally to update your shamefully ignorant world view.

All the best for the remedial actions and excellent years ahead.



Desi Cows ? Heaven Yes !

Thanks to Ajit Vadakayil, Indian’s have just started to realise that Varghese Kurien and co could have just pulled of a nationwide hit job on the indigenous cow breeds, all in the name of White revolution !

How is it ethical to do ethnic cleaning of any breed of animals, and especially of the ones which have had an enormous positive significance on our culture itself ?

Now knowing is one thing, and remediating the loss is another.

What can we do to bring back the healthier A2 milk in circulation, which is provided by our desi breeds of cows ?

I see two ways.

Desi cows are easy to maintain. They are healthier and needs lesser care. Grow one or two desi cows in our homes if we can afford and has the space for them. We have a craze for bigger and bigger dogs. Consider a cow as the biggest dog in your kennel, one that it is more loving and provides healthy A2 milk as a bonus.

And our Govt, can create a law that every diary should have at least 20% of livestock to be of desi breeds. This could later be increased to some 50%. Higher values may cause the rightfully greedy diary companies to rebel. We need no problems you see 🙂