Moving to Regional Language Chatbots using Dhee 2.0 Platform

For all the developers who plan to develop a regional language chatbot using AI, then the Dhee 2.0 platform will be the finest choice.Why you have to choose Dhee 2.0 platformDhee 2.0 is an effective platform with a robust NLP (Natural Language Processing) module, making it unique in the market.NLP can understand, process, and interpret […]

Conversational AI Mediums

Conversation AI started when humans were required to interact with Computers. In today’s technology world, we have forayed into more comfortable ways of Human-Computer interaction than direct coding. This article looks at the different conversational mediums. Humans can interact with Virtual Agents or  Conversational AI. Sachin Kaushik

Making machines smarter!

What makes a human different from an animal? The language that we humans speak, the unique characteristic that we perceive, and the scientific study of this human language are Linguistics. Linguists study a language from all the aspects, structure, formation, meaning, use, and how a language gets influenced socially, historically, culturally, etc. There are many […]

Import duty on luxury cars – a step to maintain the fake poverty image imposed on India

So by now everyone knows that the richest coountry in the world, India is made to look like a poor nation using the three pillars – A treacherous main stream media Sold out deep state Dull low grade politicians One of the interesting ways this perception of poverty is maintained is the 110% import duty […]

How does the deep state of India keep India poor ?

Its done by these simple steps. Any other country blessed with such traitors in the system would be poor too, if not poorer. If people are creating wealth by saving their money in fixed deposits and provident funds, stifle their financial growth by reducing the interest rates. Push them to expose their hard earned money […]

Technology and technologists can fix India’s Judiciary

Hey, we all are scared of getting into legal tussle with anyone. We know that it usually takes 5 to 10 years for our Judiciary to give a judgement, which even at that point doesn’t guarantee truthful justice to the weak and poor. We are programmed to adjust to this reality by the display of […]

A message from the Saturn to the faker of India

It’s been some seven years. and Indians are losing patience. They want you to come down from your throne of vanity and start serving the nation. ASAP. The artificial poverty created by restricting money supply over decades should have been eradicated in few months. It shall not be in years, and not in decades. The […]